The Electric Guitar Is Not Just For Rockers

By Bill H. Sheers

You think you got what it takes to start the next Beatles? Or maybe you just want to blow your friends and family away at the next local open mic night? Either way, learning to play the acoustic guitar is one of the most rewarding things you can do and it's not as hard as you may think.

Believe it or not, you can learn to play the guitar online. There are both free and paid versions depending on how serious you are. So, whether you just want to impress a few friends or prove to yourself that you can do it, you have got quite a few options to choose from.

What is an acoustic guitar? -- An acoustic guitar produces its sound through stings, a soundboard, and the body of the guitar. An electric would produce sound through the strings, but uses electronic amplification that allows you to hear the sound.

Which is th best type of guitar? -- It would take pages and pages to describe every type of guitar. I have compiled a list of some of the more popular below. Take a look:

Your Standard Classical Acoustic Guitar -- A guitar with 3 bass strings and 3 treble stings, this classic 6 string guitar is the would you think of when you think of a guitar most likely. You can learn many basic tunes with this type of guitar and it's probably the one you should start with.

A Spanish Flamenco Guitar -- A very cool sound, but maybe a little advanced when yo are first starting out, Give it a try it you dare, but you may want to learn a few chords on the Classical guitar first.

Steel-String -- A favorite of Bluegrass, Folk, and early Country western players. It creates a crisper and louder sound.

The 12-String Guitar -- Double the pleasure, right? Well, sort of. You definitely get a more chorus type sound from the 12-string. They started to become popular in the 19060's and 1970's. It's a cool sound.

Gibson Arch-top Guitar -- If you know guitars, then you've heard of Gibson. They are one of the all-time great guitar designers. Blues and Jazz players alike made this their go to guitar.

Bass -- Typically has 4 strings just unlike the Classical Guitar's 6, but it has a much deeper sound. G, D,A, and E are the chords usually set to the bass.

The Banjo Guitar -- Sometimes known as the Guitijo, this round bodied guitar become popular in the 20's. It as a unique sound as is played by many amateurs because of it's ease to learn.

I think the more people to play, the better. It's such a nice sound and it really is relatively easy to learn some basic chords. With a couple of quick lessons, I think you will be amazed at what you will be able to do. - 32186

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