Cheap Acoustic Guitars - What Choices

By Steve Murray

The main reason why many musical instruments are so expensive to purchase is the material which is used to make them. Certainly as you will soon discover those guitars that use materials such as wood as far more expensive than those that aren't. But along with guitars being made from wood they are also made from graphite and plastic as well. But the problem with these kinds of cheap acoustic guitars is that they do not have the same sound quality as the wooden ones.

Those people who choose to buy a guitar which is not made from wood often find themselves becoming frustrated because it does not produce the right kind of sound. It is these people who will often give up learning to play the guitar. So rather than spending money on a cheap one instead invest a little more in an acoustic guitar that has been made from wood. Although you will not be saving yourself money you will enjoy playing it much more.

When you begin your search for a cheap acoustic guitar it is best to look for those which come with a solid wooden top rather than being made from plywood. The reason for this being that those made using solid wood provide a much richer and fuller tone to the sound that they produce. Also when buying an acoustic guitar purchase one that has both a solid wood back and sides.

One such guitar you may want to consider is the Seagull S6. Which is not the cheapest acoustic guitar you can buy, but it is value for the money. It has a solid wood cedar top whilst the sides and back are made using mahogany and it is these which help it produce such a beautiful sound. In fact this is a guitar that even professional musicians will keep, even though they may have several other and more expensive guitars in their collection.

The Seagull S6 will cost around $400-$500, but if you are at all serious about being a good guitarist, you should seriously consider investing money in buying this guitar. Buy by taking a look online you may actually find that you can get some great deals on this particular guitar.

Along with the Seagull S6 another very good acoustic guitar to consider purchasing and which is costs less is the Yamaha F310. Rather than a solid wood cedar top this has a spruce one instead. But as with the Seagull S6 this guitar has a mahogany back and sides. On average you can expect to pay between $150 and $200 for this particular guitar and is a very common choice for those people who are serious about learning to play the guitar.

Along with the Yamaha F310 there is also the Epiphone DR-100 which costs slightly less and prices range from $120 to $150 for this particular model. But although it costs less than the Yamaha F310 it is actually made from the same kinds of wood, spruce for the top of the guitar and mahogany for both the back and sides. Of the three guitars we have mentioned this is the ideal one to purchase if you are still unsure as to whether this is the right musical instrument for you or not. But if you do purchase to learn to play the guitar then at some point in the future you will find that you need to upgrade to a better one.

Although there are plenty of guitars available that cost less than $100 these are not the sort you should consider buying when you are wanting to learn. As you will find the quality of the sound they produce is badly affected and people who choose to buy one of these will often give up learning because they just do not sound as good. The reason for this is that the guitars are not made very well and the materials used because they are poor quality and cheap to buy.

Therefore if you are serious about getting a cheap acoustic guitar for either yourself or someone else then you can not go far wrong with the ones mentioned above. However, if you find that you are still restricted by your budget then take a look at your local guitar or music store to see what second hand ones they have available. The great thing about doing this is that you will be able to try several out in order to find the one that you feel comfortable with. - 32186

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