Common Misconceptions About Acoustic Guitar Lessons

By Tommy Beltrani

It's quite interesting to notice how guitar students have often the same questions when starting to play the instrument. In almost two decades I had literally thousands of people asking me the same questions over and over again. What I often do nowadays I just predict the question and give the answer even before they ask, to their amusement off course. This is my chance to clarify a few important issue. Probably the most common question is whether to start with electric or acoustic guitar lessons and my answer to that is always the same: Acoustic guitar! Let me tell you why:

An acoustic guitar is self sufficient and you don't need an amp, pedals or anything else you will need if you play electric. This is will save you some cash you can use for a better instrument, some classes or online video tutorials.

When you play electric guitar you often use more advanced techniques like string bending and tremolo bar, while if you start with acoustic guitar lessons you are more inclined to practice basic techniques like strumming, chords changes and fingerpicking. It's so important to lay down a proper foundation and you can only do that if you start with the basics.

Strumming songs sounds better on acoustic guitar and it will definitely motivate you to play more.

You can take your acoustic guitar anywhere you like without having to worry about amplification. That is very cool if you want to play at a camp or friends home and don't want to worry about carrying around extra gear.

Acoustic guitar is harder to play compared to electric guitar and that will make your hands stronger and help lay down a solid foundation.

Once clarify we should leave the electric guitar for a a bit later, the next question is whether to buy a nylon or a steel string guitar. That is a personal choice as the two instruments have different tone and are used in different contests. If you like to play classical, flamenco, bossa nova or latino a nylon string is what you need while the steel string is common in more contemporary styles like pop, country and rock.

Once you've been practicing for a while and you're playing loads of songs then you can move on to electric guitar. Electric will feel much easier to play and you'll be glad you started with acoustic guitar lessons.

Learn to play guitar is a very rewarding activity and be confident that the effort you put in will eventually pay off in due time. There's a certain level of commitment required to see results, no matter what level you want to play at. So practice, practice, practice and remember at all times to have a good time. - 32186

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The Electric Guitar Is Not Just For Rockers

By Bill H. Sheers

You think you got what it takes to start the next Beatles? Or maybe you just want to blow your friends and family away at the next local open mic night? Either way, learning to play the acoustic guitar is one of the most rewarding things you can do and it's not as hard as you may think.

Believe it or not, you can learn to play the guitar online. There are both free and paid versions depending on how serious you are. So, whether you just want to impress a few friends or prove to yourself that you can do it, you have got quite a few options to choose from.

What is an acoustic guitar? -- An acoustic guitar produces its sound through stings, a soundboard, and the body of the guitar. An electric would produce sound through the strings, but uses electronic amplification that allows you to hear the sound.

Which is th best type of guitar? -- It would take pages and pages to describe every type of guitar. I have compiled a list of some of the more popular below. Take a look:

Your Standard Classical Acoustic Guitar -- A guitar with 3 bass strings and 3 treble stings, this classic 6 string guitar is the would you think of when you think of a guitar most likely. You can learn many basic tunes with this type of guitar and it's probably the one you should start with.

A Spanish Flamenco Guitar -- A very cool sound, but maybe a little advanced when yo are first starting out, Give it a try it you dare, but you may want to learn a few chords on the Classical guitar first.

Steel-String -- A favorite of Bluegrass, Folk, and early Country western players. It creates a crisper and louder sound.

The 12-String Guitar -- Double the pleasure, right? Well, sort of. You definitely get a more chorus type sound from the 12-string. They started to become popular in the 19060's and 1970's. It's a cool sound.

Gibson Arch-top Guitar -- If you know guitars, then you've heard of Gibson. They are one of the all-time great guitar designers. Blues and Jazz players alike made this their go to guitar.

Bass -- Typically has 4 strings just unlike the Classical Guitar's 6, but it has a much deeper sound. G, D,A, and E are the chords usually set to the bass.

The Banjo Guitar -- Sometimes known as the Guitijo, this round bodied guitar become popular in the 20's. It as a unique sound as is played by many amateurs because of it's ease to learn.

I think the more people to play, the better. It's such a nice sound and it really is relatively easy to learn some basic chords. With a couple of quick lessons, I think you will be amazed at what you will be able to do. - 32186

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Cheap Acoustic Guitars - What Choices

By Steve Murray

The main reason why many musical instruments are so expensive to purchase is the material which is used to make them. Certainly as you will soon discover those guitars that use materials such as wood as far more expensive than those that aren't. But along with guitars being made from wood they are also made from graphite and plastic as well. But the problem with these kinds of cheap acoustic guitars is that they do not have the same sound quality as the wooden ones.

Those people who choose to buy a guitar which is not made from wood often find themselves becoming frustrated because it does not produce the right kind of sound. It is these people who will often give up learning to play the guitar. So rather than spending money on a cheap one instead invest a little more in an acoustic guitar that has been made from wood. Although you will not be saving yourself money you will enjoy playing it much more.

When you begin your search for a cheap acoustic guitar it is best to look for those which come with a solid wooden top rather than being made from plywood. The reason for this being that those made using solid wood provide a much richer and fuller tone to the sound that they produce. Also when buying an acoustic guitar purchase one that has both a solid wood back and sides.

One such guitar you may want to consider is the Seagull S6. Which is not the cheapest acoustic guitar you can buy, but it is value for the money. It has a solid wood cedar top whilst the sides and back are made using mahogany and it is these which help it produce such a beautiful sound. In fact this is a guitar that even professional musicians will keep, even though they may have several other and more expensive guitars in their collection.

The Seagull S6 will cost around $400-$500, but if you are at all serious about being a good guitarist, you should seriously consider investing money in buying this guitar. Buy by taking a look online you may actually find that you can get some great deals on this particular guitar.

Along with the Seagull S6 another very good acoustic guitar to consider purchasing and which is costs less is the Yamaha F310. Rather than a solid wood cedar top this has a spruce one instead. But as with the Seagull S6 this guitar has a mahogany back and sides. On average you can expect to pay between $150 and $200 for this particular guitar and is a very common choice for those people who are serious about learning to play the guitar.

Along with the Yamaha F310 there is also the Epiphone DR-100 which costs slightly less and prices range from $120 to $150 for this particular model. But although it costs less than the Yamaha F310 it is actually made from the same kinds of wood, spruce for the top of the guitar and mahogany for both the back and sides. Of the three guitars we have mentioned this is the ideal one to purchase if you are still unsure as to whether this is the right musical instrument for you or not. But if you do purchase to learn to play the guitar then at some point in the future you will find that you need to upgrade to a better one.

Although there are plenty of guitars available that cost less than $100 these are not the sort you should consider buying when you are wanting to learn. As you will find the quality of the sound they produce is badly affected and people who choose to buy one of these will often give up learning because they just do not sound as good. The reason for this is that the guitars are not made very well and the materials used because they are poor quality and cheap to buy.

Therefore if you are serious about getting a cheap acoustic guitar for either yourself or someone else then you can not go far wrong with the ones mentioned above. However, if you find that you are still restricted by your budget then take a look at your local guitar or music store to see what second hand ones they have available. The great thing about doing this is that you will be able to try several out in order to find the one that you feel comfortable with. - 32186

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Ultimate Guitar Tab

By Stan Stewickiva

Free guitar tabs can be found everywhere online. However there are also some pay websites where you can find ultimate guitar tab transcriptions.

Before you join a pay ultimate guitar tab website, you should first try out and download several of the free services until you find one that is best for you. These pay sites have a huge selection but that also comes with a very steep price.

Learning the chords and scales will help you learn the guitar quickly while building much needed finger strength at the same time. Learning how to play a song using an ultimate guitar tab sheet is an even quicker method to use.

Sometimes it can take days or weeks to learn a song with just the chords and scales. However, with an ultimate guitar tab book, you can learn some of the notes to your favorite song in a few hours.

Learning the chords and scales will help you play any song out there. However, you may miss a few notes here and there because they are not always easy to pickup by just hearing them. By learning from an ultimate guitar tab book you will cut months off of your learning curve.

The ultimate guitar tab notes will help a person learn a song very quickly by showing them the exact notes and what strings to strike. By just using the chords and sheet music, you will have a general idea of how the song is suppose to sound. Learning all of the chords and scales is very time consuming and a much slower way to learn how to play the guitar.

Playing a particular song with great accuracy is very important to most people and you can see every single little note with an ultimate guitar tab transcription. If you are someone who just plays songs with the chords alone, you are probably playing very simple songs and not complicated finger-picking songs.

Some people are able to find those rare notes that are hidden behind bass and drums, but most people can not. If you learn from an ultimate guitar tab sheet you are able to pick out all of those notes that most people cannot hear otherwise.

If you are on a date and want to impress your date with a great song, just find the ultimate guitar tab sheet for the tune. You will be able to play the song much faster and easier than if you were to just learn it from the chords and scales. - 32186

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Beginner Guitar Lessons - What You Need To Know

By Jeff Mackie

If you're just starting out on your guitar playing journey - these beginner guitar lessons will help you progress faster. In my 10 years of playing the guitar, I've learned quite a few things. It was not easy in the beginning, but it would have been easier if I had known the things that you're about to learn.

Take Guitar Lessons from a Real Person First

Online lessons, books, and dvds are excellent resources. But, I believe, they just can't take the place of a real live instructor - especially when you're just getting started. An actual live person has the ability to reach out and demonstrate the proper way to hold your guitar, exactly how to position your fingertips, and the correct ways to strum. But, the most important thing that an actual person can do is correct your mistakes in real time. This just isn't possible with online guitar lessons, books, and videos. This is essential when you're just starting out. Go to your instructor for a few lessons, or a few weeks until you get a good foundation established. Then you'll be better prepared to seek out other types of instruction.

Practice Every Day

If you want to make progress as fast as possible, don't go more than 2 or 3 days without picking up your guitar and practicing. 10 or 15 minutes every day will allow you to develop into a pretty good guitar player. You won't progress as fast if you only practice once or twice a week, even if those sessions last an hour. They don't build up and reinforce your muscle memory, finger strength, and reflexes.

The First 2 Weeks are the Hardest

All new guitarists find it difficult in the beginning. You will have pain in all sorts of locations - especially your hands and fingers. And many people suffer with neck and back pain. But, don't let it get you down. You will overcome this pain if you push through it. After a couple of weeks, your fingertips will develop calluses which will make it less painful to play. Your hands and wrist will become stronger and more flexible - and less painful too. Back and neck pain are the result of incorrect posture. This is why a live instructor is so important. They can help you to correct and work on any problems in your posture.

Buy a Quality Guitar

So many people try and save money and start out with a cheap, low quality guitar. This is a terrible idea. Most cheap guitars are extremely difficult to play. The strings usually sit too high off the neck - which makes it hard to press the strings down to make notes and chords. They don't stay in tune very well - it's vital to have a guitar that will stay in tune. And often there is bad fret buzz, which will make your music sound terrible. Get the best quality instrument that you can afford. You can find a good quality beginner acoustic or electric guitar for $180 to $200. Try out as many guitars as possible before buying one. Take a friend with you who knows how to play guitar, or ask a sales clerk to demonstrate for you. Stick with a name brand guitar and you won't go too far wrong. Here are some good name brands that offer entry level guitars - Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez, and Epiphone.

Hopefully, these beginner guitar lessons will get you off to a great start. Just be consistent in your practice schedule and you will definitely make consistent progress. - 32186

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