Common Misconceptions About Acoustic Guitar Lessons

By Tommy Beltrani

It's quite interesting to notice how guitar students have often the same questions when starting to play the instrument. In almost two decades I had literally thousands of people asking me the same questions over and over again. What I often do nowadays I just predict the question and give the answer even before they ask, to their amusement off course. This is my chance to clarify a few important issue. Probably the most common question is whether to start with electric or acoustic guitar lessons and my answer to that is always the same: Acoustic guitar! Let me tell you why:

An acoustic guitar is self sufficient and you don't need an amp, pedals or anything else you will need if you play electric. This is will save you some cash you can use for a better instrument, some classes or online video tutorials.

When you play electric guitar you often use more advanced techniques like string bending and tremolo bar, while if you start with acoustic guitar lessons you are more inclined to practice basic techniques like strumming, chords changes and fingerpicking. It's so important to lay down a proper foundation and you can only do that if you start with the basics.

Strumming songs sounds better on acoustic guitar and it will definitely motivate you to play more.

You can take your acoustic guitar anywhere you like without having to worry about amplification. That is very cool if you want to play at a camp or friends home and don't want to worry about carrying around extra gear.

Acoustic guitar is harder to play compared to electric guitar and that will make your hands stronger and help lay down a solid foundation.

Once clarify we should leave the electric guitar for a a bit later, the next question is whether to buy a nylon or a steel string guitar. That is a personal choice as the two instruments have different tone and are used in different contests. If you like to play classical, flamenco, bossa nova or latino a nylon string is what you need while the steel string is common in more contemporary styles like pop, country and rock.

Once you've been practicing for a while and you're playing loads of songs then you can move on to electric guitar. Electric will feel much easier to play and you'll be glad you started with acoustic guitar lessons.

Learn to play guitar is a very rewarding activity and be confident that the effort you put in will eventually pay off in due time. There's a certain level of commitment required to see results, no matter what level you want to play at. So practice, practice, practice and remember at all times to have a good time. - 32186

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