Learn Guitar Fast With This Approach

By Melissa King

No one can learn how to play guitar overnight. There just isn't any magic formula. But don't let that discourage you, because you can dramatically shorten the learning curve with some of the excellent tools that are available to help you learn guitar fast. You can learn guitar from the comfort of your own home with a little help and some coaching.

Famous guitarists make playing look easy because they have dedicated a significant portion of their time to learning and refining their skills. They have channeled tremendous energy into practice and they have disciplined themselves to be patient.

Almost all renowned guitarists played guitar for a number of years before they ever made it to the big leagues. And even for the most skillful players, there is always something new to work on.

Go Slowly

If you are new to the guitar you will first want to learn the parts of the guitar and their functions. Then you can start learning to play simple chords. Beginners sometimes become overzealous and try to learn complicated chords too soon. Also be careful not to try to play too fast. The best way to learn is to play slowly until you have learned a few chords, then a simple song. After that, gradually speed up until you are able to play at the speed the song was written for.

Learn and practice just one chord at a time. Find the chord you're learning to play on a chord chart and position your fingers as shown on the chart. Do your best to perfect each chord before you move on to the next. Play each chord using the proper hand placement and pressure on the guitar strings. If the chord you're practicing sounds a little off, change your finger placement and pressure until it sounds right.

Repetition Works

Practice the same two or three chords enough times to be able to find them without looking down at the guitar neck. Then, you are ready to start playing simple songs. Find songs that use the chords you have already practiced and perfected.

Your confidence will increase with each new chord you master. Playing your first song is extremely rewarding, and once you succeed, your skills will quickly build and you'll start to learn guitar fast. This encourages you to study and practice even more.

You want reliable guitar lessons when you are a beginner. Several options are available. You can choose to take guitar lessons from an actual instructor at a music store, purchase DVD guitar training, or buy and download guitar instruction through the Internet. No matter which of these methods you choose, make sure your instruction is the best.

Learning at Home

Time Many guitarists prefer to study at home. There are several advantages of this approach. You don't have to schedule time with a teacher. You can learn at your own pace. You can stop and repeat lessons until you are comfortable before moving on. You can skip lessons if you choose. Also, the cost of home-study is minimal when compared to live lessons.

First-class instruction, realistic goals and a commitment to practicing an hour every day will let you learn guitar fast. It's as easy as that. - 32186

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