Acoustic Guitar Lesson: How Should I Practice?

By Josh Dexter

In this acoustic guitar lesson let's discuss about how you should structure your practice routine.

Knowing how to break up your practice schedule is essential if you want to learn guitar fast and see proper results. Playing around aimlessly has never gotten anybody anywhere and you really need to have some focus and discipline if you want to grow as a guitar player.The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. So my point is this: "If you want to grow as a musician then you need to have a dedicated practice time and it should be divided between different topics.

This is not set in stone but I have seen awesome results from my students who followed this schedule.

1. Chords will be you first focus and you'll spend 5 minutes learning and practicing 2 or 3 chords until you have the down and can change between them effortlessly.

2. Five minutes is rhythm time. Start with one or two rhythms and make sure you can play them properly and relaxed. Play along to a drum machine if possible.

3. Songs are a great way to solidify the chords and rhythms you've been practicing and you'll also get a taste of your new skills in action.

4. 3 minutes is set aside for some left and right hand synchronization. Scales and Chromatic exercises are great ways to enhance your two hands coordination.

5. The next 3 minutes is devoted to ear training. Developing your aural skills is super important and it could start as simple as telling the difference between Major and Minor chords.

6. The last few minutes has been reserved for you to play anything you like. Make sure it's something you enjoy and never put the guitar down in a frustrated state.

That's all for this acoustic guitar lesson. This kind of focus, dedication and commitment will ensure that you grow daily as a musician and it's guaranteed to turn you into an awesome guitar player in the shortest time possible. FACT! - 32186

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