The Most Miraculous Acoustic Guitar Performance I've Ever Witnessed

By Jimmy J. Stage

I went to the most exciting party the other night. I didn't plan to, but one thing just kind of led to another, the way things usually do. It all started when I was sitting at home, watching TV. My two friends came bursting in unexpectedly, and told me I was going with them. I had not choice but to comply.

Next thing I know, we all crammed in my friends pick up truck, driving through these old fields that I think used to be corn fields, but I can't be sure. We drove for what seemed like a couple of hours, but when I checked my watch, it had only been about thirty minutes when we finally arrived.

Finally we pulled up to what looked like an abandoned furniture store. It was in a kind of industrial area, that wasn't near any houses. The outside seemed dark, and a little bit spooky, to tell you the truth. When we walked inside I was completely amazed.

The inside was immaculate, like you'd expect of club downtown New York or something. They had black shiny paint on all the walls, a couple of bars in the corners, and these really impressive pictures hanging in the corners. Up in front was a stage.

Then, all of a sudden, this band appeared out of nowhere. They appeared on this stage, that had a small amount of people mingling around the front. My friends and I pushed our way up to the front, and were lucky enough to see the lead guitar player, who was playing this really wicked acoustic guitar. He was the best guitar player I'd ever heard, either live or recorded.

They started giving out CDs to everybody that was there. I guess they just got this extremely huge recording deal, and were really happy. I was happy to, as it was by far, the greatest concert I've ever seen. - 32186

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