Acoustic Guitar Lessons: "How Should I Practice

By Josh Dexter

Lately I have been getting this question from students a lot especially on their first acoustic guitar lesson. "How long should I practice?"

Well the answer to that question depends on one of two things. Do you want to master the instrument or do you just want to learn to play it for fun? They say, (whoever they are) that the guitar is the easiest instrument to learn to play and the hardest to master.

If you want to "Master" the guitar then you should need approximately ten thousands hours of practice and you can stop reading this column right now.

If you are amongst the many people that want to learn for their personal enjoyment and to have a good time with their friends things are different. I believe that in just 48 hours you can learn the basics that will help you to do exactly that. When I say 48 hours I mean a 48 hours of dedicated and focused practice, and no just goofing around jamming a few chords the wrong way. You should have a proper acoustic guitar lesson or instructions and have a good practice routine. I suggest a minimum of 30 minutes a day 6 days a week and in just 4 months you should be able to achieve your goal.

Four months are enough for you to learn all the basic theory, rhythms and all the chords you'll need to play some easy guitar songs.

A little bit every day is way better that a lot every now and then. That's how humans learn just about anything really, by repeating the same exercises everyday till we get them right, and in the long run developing muscle memory. Eventually all the chords & rhythms will became second nature.

Does it sounds too easy? Well don't get fooled it work! Just make sure you follow a proper guitar tutorials. - 32186

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