Guitar Tutorials: Buy The Right Guitar The 1st Time

By Josh Dexter

What is Magnum PI without a Ferrari or a Jedi Master without his lightsaber? Are there any tips for purchasing a good guitar?

You need a good axe if you I you aim to became a great guitar player. Now it doesn't have to be a 1960's Strat or something fancy like that but it should fulfill a few simple requirements.

What do I mean exactly? Well carry on reading I have a few tips on getting the instrument of your dreams or at least something close enough to it.

Always remember you should try and buy the best axe you can afford from the start and there are a few reasons why you should do that.

Having a good sound and proper feel will help you more and make you want to pick it up often. That's the idea behind this whole exercise, isn't it? You can't learn guitar without actually playing an acoustic guitar!

If you can buy a decent axe it will have better resale value which will help big time once it comes to upgrading to a better model.

Now what if you don't have a big budget and trust me I've been there and know all about it. Well you could find someone with a guitar that they're not using and ask them if you can borrow it for a while so that you can practice while you save for your own instrument.

What if you already have a guitar and it's not good what do you do then? Well get a guitar tech to have a look at it, make the necessary adjustments and change strings on it and you're off you go. A not so expensive guitar with a great setup is all you need to get going. And a crappy guitar is better than nothing.

I strongly suggest you get some good guitar tutorials and start learning the instrument the right way from the word go. You don't want to learn bad habits or even worst get stuck in your learning process just because you don't want to spend cash on good guitar tutorials. Here's to your success as you start learning guitar! - 32186

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