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By Dan Allanson

What better way is there to learn to play the guitar today? Well a very popular means is via the Internet. Because of it's popularity, taking country music guitar lessons, will guide and you show you the many tricks and tips of the trade. We will focus on two very popular styles that are played by many artists around the world. And we are also going to talk about the Telecaster guitar.

A style which started basically through blues and rock is the so-called slide. Hence the slide guitar is fondly named the bottleneck, because of it's ability to express a lyric with more human like sounds. Back in the early twentieth century, many blues players were looking for a way to make the music more attainable to the public and developed this technique which became very popular in the nineteen sixties with rock and blues musicians alike.

It started way back in the early twentieth century and because of it's unbelievable popularity, it just flourished in the nineteen sixties when blues and rock music exploded. The haunting sounds made by sliding an object along the strings just mesmerized people as they could identify with these sounds played along with the lyrics.

The word "bottleneck" guitar was used by players who performed their music by actually taking the neck of a bottle and placing in onto their first and second fingers. Blades and knives were also experimented with and used to play the slide. Today there are modern slides available in all music stores. They also developed a technique whereby you can either play the guitar in the normal position, or by placing it down on your lap.

Another style of playing the country guitar is using the "chicken picken" technique. Walon Jennings started it by pulling the strings with his right hand finger while at the same time damping the strings with his left hand. Today many lead guitarists use this technique when doing solos. Of course there are many different styles to play a guitar and no doubt you will find your own unique style. It is important for you to be comfortable with the guitar and the sound.

Rock and roll guitars can produce so many different sounds but it would be wise for you to learn how a typical country music guitar sounds. You see it has its very own unique sound that only a slide can produce. If you listen to country music then try to identify when a slide is used.

Most country musicians choose to stay with these sounds and they are clear and simplistic in nature. To this end they all swear by the Fender Telecaster guitar. This beautiful piece of art, also fondly known as the "Tele" has a sound that would make any aspiring player notice it. The design itself is amazing as it was the first electric guitar to be manufactured and sold on a big scale.

Almost anyone can teach themselves country music guitar. If you have average aptitude and a good quality, comprehensive website to learn from, it should take about three to four weeks to learn enough chords and strums to be playing a large number of country music songs. With online country music guitar instruction, you will discover amazing methods to learn how to play guitar and play virtually any guitar song you hear. - 32186

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