Teach Yourself Guitar: How Learn From Home

By Tommy Beltrani

Learning any skill these days is becoming easier every day. There is so much information available on the web in books, magazines and DVDs that has become very easy to teach yourself guitar or anything else for that matter without the need of a tutor. All you need is determination and a good practice routine to follow.

Choose a good guitar course and then set yourself a practice routine you are comfortable with. The secret is consistency so you should be doing a little bit every day or at least six days a week. It's better to do a little every day than a lot once week.

You must be realistic with your practice and don't over do it unless you really have the time for it. Half an hour x day is probably good enough for most of you and it's definitely a good start. During you practice work on your guitar tutorial exercises and don't waster your time on jamming too much.

Your practice time is crucial! The less time you have for your practice the less you have to waste, therefore make sure you practise the right exercises that gets results ASAP.

Your first goal when you teach yourself guitar is to master the main open chord shapes, a few rhythms and with that you can start practicing easy guitar songs. The trick is to make the song flow by keeping the beat and Bob is your uncle.

I know I'm making it sound a bit easy but that's all you need to start learning guitar. As long as you practice daily and you introduce the right exercises gradually you are set for a great start. - 32186

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